Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI) : Enterprises are OK with Narrow

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Many of you have seen a news item from MIT The headlines was “New Algorithm aces University level Maths questions”. Lots of talk on Algorithms passing the undergraduate course in Computer science but due to their non-person status degrees cannot be legally given by Universities etc. Technically, these Algorithms, even though look so intelligent are classified as ANI as they are experts in only one area i.e. Maths or Computer Science.

Our mission and thoughts in @AiToughts.Org is always on #AIforEnterprise and We feel that Narrow is good. @sivaguru already talked about power of mixing AIML algorithms with virtual assistants in achieving much higher levels of automation. Let me illustrate this with a HR example. Many organizations have attempted to build HR Ops chatbots to improve employee experience. However, all these efforts have not achieved the full desired goals and full scale roll out and cutting HR Ops cost is yet a reality.

Let us use the MIT example and build a Algorithm who can pass HR Ops field. I have looked at various HR Ops orientation courses in large enterprises and also HR Ops courses in various MBA courses. Let the algorithm learn about all the technical nuances of HR policies, implementation, work flows and various nuances such as mixing of long weekends with vacation leave, health insurance issues, induction and exit process and bottlenecks. On top of the algorithm which is HROPs-Certified, sits a chatbot with local speaking nuances in the deployed country and a customized personal assistant.

Let us do a simulated run of this new HPOPs Certified ANI system ; let us call it HRANI

Scenario 1

Time 630am Local time : Employee shift is 900am to 500PM Local time.

Employee Peter: HI HRANI , I am sick

HRANI : Looks at the time and deduces that employee is at home and will not be able to come to work. Personal assistant logs in to HR ERP system and finds out employee has sick leave available. Personal assistant also checks the calendar and sees many meetings where the employee is accepted.

Hi Peter, Sorry to hear that you are sick. I am sure you will get well soon. You have sick leave entitlement and I have applied for sick leave. I have also sent a e-mail to your Boss xxx and your reportees mentioning about your leave of absence today. BTW, you have many meetings scheduled and do you plan to take them from home or shall I cancel.

Peter : Hi HRANI, Please cancel all meetings except 1200PM one.

Hirani : Done, Peter. Take rest. Hope you get better soon.

Scenario 2

Time is 100PM local time.

Peter : HI HRANI, I am sick

HRANI : Hi Peter, sorry to hear about your sickness. We have a campus doctor to consult and also a sick bay for you to rest. Shall I arrange this for you?

Same 3 short words from Employee “I am sick” is handled by HRANI in two different ways like a HR Ops person will do!.

Scenario 3

Peter : HI HRANI, I want to take off with family next month for couple of weeks

HRANI : Great Idea Peter. You need a break. You have not taken a single day off for last 9 months. There is a 3 days long weekend coming up and you can take vacation around it from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy. You are short of 1 day leave and I can write a special approval request to your manager and with your track record I am confident that this will be approved.

Peter: Please go ahead.

HRANI knows about leave nuances of combining with weekends also knows about work flow for exceptions and approval probabilities.

Scenario 4

HRANI : Hi Peter, Happy to hear about your promotion and salary raise. I can suggest few ways to do better tax planning. Would you be interested?

Peter : Yes.

HRANI : Your PF ( 401K) contribution is Rs. Xxxx and if you take it up to Rs. Yyyy and if you donate RS. XXX to some charities, then your tax bracket will come down a notch and you save bundle of money.

Peter: Thanks, HRANI. I will consider this suggestion.

HRANI knows abut salary components, local tax laws and exceptions and can do a what if analysis and proactively advise employees similar to a HR Ops person.

This is Narrow as this only knows about HR Ops area. I am Good with it. We can also have ANIs for Billing Ops, Account receivables Ops etc. which take up bulk of operational costs in enterprises.

Can these scenarios possible in an HRANI ? The current NLP technologies to understand natural written text is pretty good and it is not that difficult to build algorithms to understand the Intent and also the context from free format human text. The various HROps scenarios are all written down in new HR employee orientation books and can be easily taught to algorithms by supervised learning methods.

To conclude, ANIs can make a huge impact to enterprises. I am OK with Narrow!

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