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Domain and LLM

< 1 mn read I am in total agreement with Morgan Zimmerman, Dassault Systems quote in TOI today.  Every industry has its own terminologies, concepts, names, words i.e Industry Language. He says even a simple looking word like “Certification” have different meanings in Aerospace vs life sciences.  He recommends use of Industry specific language and your own company specific […]

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AI Legislation: Need Urgency

2 mn read Let me first wish you all a happy Navratri Festivities.  I still fondly remember the Durga Pooja days during my Indian Statistical Institute years.  However, we also need to remember we are in the midst of two wars, one in Ukraine and other in Middle East.  We wish solutions are found and further loss of […]

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AI Regulations : Need for urgency

2 mn read Few weeks ago, I saw a news article about risks of unregulated AI.  The news article quoted that in USA, Police came to a house of a 8 months pregnant African American lady and arrested her due to a facial recognition system identified her as the theft suspect in a robbery. No amount of pleading […]

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EU AI Regulations Update

5 mn read I have written some time back about EU AI Act draft circulation.  After more than 2 years, there is some more movement in making this a EU Law.  In June 2023,  the EU Parliament adapted the draft and a set of negotiating principles and the next step of discussions with member countries has started.  The […]

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AI for Sustainability and Sustainability in AI

3 mn read I will be referring to the following 3 papers on this very interesting topic. (1}  https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s43681-021-00043-6  Sustainable AI: AI for sustainability and the sustainability of AI A Van Wynsberghe – AI and Ethics, 2021 – Springe (2) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342763375_Carbontracker_Tracking_and_Predicting_the_Carbon_Footprint_of_Training_Deep_Learning_Models/link/5f0ef0f2a6fdcc3ed7083852/download (3)      Lacoste, A., Luccioni, A., Schmidt, V., Dandres T.: Quantifying the Carbon Emissions of Machine Learning. (2019) While there is a tremendous push for using new-generation generative […]

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