AI Legislation: Need Urgency

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Let me first wish you all a happy Navratri Festivities.  I still fondly remember the Durga Pooja days during my Indian Statistical Institute years.  However, we also need to remember we are in the midst of two wars, one in Ukraine and other in Middle East.  We wish solutions are found and further loss of life and destruction is stopped.

I came across two articles in Hindu Newspaper regarding our topic AI.  I have attached a scan of an editorial by M.K. Narayanan, well known National Security and Cyber expert. 

Few highlights are worth mentioning for all of us to ponder.

  1. There is a general agreement that latest advances in AI do pose a major threat and need to be regulated like nuclear power technologies.
  • All countries are not only “locking the gates after the horse has bolted””, but “discussing about locking the gates and deciding on the make & model of the Lock while the horse has bolted”.  Huge delays in enacting and implementing AI Legislation is flagged as a big issue.
  • Rogue nations who willfully decide not to enforce any regulations will get huge advantage over law abiding nations.
  • More than 50% of the large enterprises are sitting on “intangible” assets which are at huge risk of evaporating by non-state actors with AI powered cyber warfare.
  • Cognitive warfare using AI technologies, will destabilize governments, news media and alter the human cognition.
  • This is a new kind of war fare where state and technology companies must closely collaborate.
  • Another interesting mention of over dependence on AI and algorithms which may have caused the major intelligence failure in the latest middle east conflict.

All of these point to the same conclusion.  All countries and multi-lateral organizations such as UN, EU, African Union, G20 etc., multi-lateral military alliances like NATO etc. must move at lightning speed to understand and agree on measures to effectively control and use this great technology.  

The old classic advertisement slogan “JUST DO IT” must be the motto of all the organizations.

Similar efforts are needed by all large enterprises, large financial institutions, regulatory agencies to get ready for the scale implementation of these technologies.

Last but not the least, large technology companies need to look at this not just as a form of another innovation to help automation, but a human affecting , major disruption causing technology and spend sufficient resources in understanding and putting sufficient brakes to avoid run away type situations.

Cyber Security, Ethical auditors, risk management auditors will have huge opportunities and they have to start upskilling fast.

More later,

L Ravichandran.

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