Domain and LLM

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I am in total agreement with Morgan Zimmerman, Dassault Systems quote in TOI today.  Every industry has its own terminologies, concepts, names, words i.e Industry Language. He says even a simple looking word like “Certification” have different meanings in Aerospace vs life sciences.  He recommends use of Industry specific language and your own company specific language for getting significant benefit out of LLMs. This will also reduce hallucinations and misunderstanding.

This is in line with @AiThoughts.Org thoughts on Domain and company specific information on top of general data used by all LLMs.  Like they say in Real Estate, the 3 most important things in any real estate buy decision is “Location, Location and Location”.  We need 3 things to make LLMs work for the enterprise.  “Domain, Domain and Domain”.   Many of us may recall a very successful Bill Clinton Presidential campaign slogan. “The economy, Stupid”.   We can say “The domain, Stupid” as the slogan to make LLMs useful for the enterprises.

But the million-dollar question is how much it is going to cost for the learning updates using your Domain and company data?  EY published a cost of $1.4 Billion which very few can afford.  We need much less expensive solutions for large scale implementation of LLMs.

Solicit your thoughts. #LLM #aiml #Aiethics #Aiforindustry

L Ravichandran

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Domain and LLM

  • Yeshwant Satam

    Agree with you. There is lot of push now in Generative AI arena for aligning LLMs with the domain, because it helps to ensure that the generated text is accurate and relevant to the domain in question. I read a very relevant article by Raghu Ravinutala (CEO and Co-Founder of, indicated as a leader in Conversational AI) on with a title “The Power of Domain-Specific LLMs In Generative AI For Enterprises” (link below). Where he states – “Domain-specific LLMs are designed to capture the essence of a specific industry or use case with an understanding of its unique jargon, context, and intricacies. By leveraging the power of domain expertise, they can usher in a new era of generative AI that is tailored, efficient, and truly transformative.” An important prediction he makes is – The future of generative AI lies in niche applications, not generalized approaches. As businesses recognize the need for specialized AI solutions, the demand for domain specific LLMs will likely skyrocket.

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