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AI For India – The New World Order?

2023 gave the world ChatGPT and soon the world was abuzz with the potential of AI specifically generative AI , an AI that could largely converse like a human being . Yes, for a lot of us that knew the backbones realized it’s a great manifestation of the transformer but there are some lacunae left , especially if we consider the amount of computation needed and the sustainability of this all !!

A surge of LLM creators originated worldwide and India was not untouched. The question we are asking today is what is beyond this ? Is this the be all and end all of AI ? Are there manifestations that we have not even considered ? Will quantum play a role and most importantly what is going to be India’s role ? We have been consumers of technology until now . Can we become producers and what it means is can new algorithms originate from India and the use cases India possess?

Join us for an exclusive chat with Nikhil Malhotra (Chief Innovation Officer and Global Head for Makers Lab, TechMahindra) as he indulges us with his thought provoking and disruptive views on AI as also on where we are headed with the technology

Our Previous Talks

Adopting an AI Oversight Structure

Due to the significant risks and challenges associated with AI (such as bias, privacy concerns, accountability issues, and security risks), enterprises deploying AI need a strong oversight governance and standards to ensure responsible development, deployment, and usage of AI technologies.

Anil Sane, an independent Software Quality Assurance leader, with wide experience in Business & Delivery Excellence, Business Process re-engineering and Improvement, DevOps & Security Management

presents the key ingredients into the makings of an Oversight Structure that organizations can adopt while implementing AI Solutions. In this session he covers the different International Standards that will govern AI, presents an overview of some of the key Management Systems, and lays down a guide to organisations wanting to build a process framework or adopt the right practices for a Quality Assurance Framework around AI development.

Unlock The Power Of Generative AI

The Generative AI landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. New tools, applications, and research breakthroughs emerge seemingly every day. In addition, lots of legal challenges and major embarrassing failures are also occurring. Keeping track of all this can be a daunting task.

L Ravichandran, talks about the latest trends in Gen AI, the recent developments in the areas of NLP, Image & Video generation, and how enterprises are leveraging (or attempting to leverage) Gen AI, and what are the exciting new trends to watch out for.

Unlock The Power Of Generative AI

Are you curious about the recent buzz surrounding LLMs like ChatGPT, Gemini, Llama and SORA (and a whole lot more)?

Join us for this interactive discussion that delves into the exciting world of Generative AI (GenAI), providing a clear and concise introduction for everyone, regardless of technical background.

AiThoughts welcomes Mukund Kannan to host our next talk on how Enterprises can unlock the power of Generative AI.

Practical Strategies For Computer Vision

Saji Thoppil‘s talk, explores the pivotal role of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) in deploying, managing, and scaling trusted computer vision solutions within modern enterprises. It dives into best practices for the entire lifecycle, from data management and model training to deployment and monitoring, ensuring not only operational efficiency but also adherence to stringent security and compliance standards. By integrating MLOps principles, businesses can harness the full potential of computer vision technology, making data-driven decisions more reliable and fostering innovation in an ever-evolving market landscape.

AI Risk Management Frameworks

Diwakar Menon, whose past experience has been steeped in quality management & testing, will share his views on AI Risk and what organizations can do to get themselves onto the path of Responsible AI.

Your takeaways? As leaders, what considerations does one need to take into account to put in place responsible AI practices; and as Managers, what does one focus on when we speak about derisking AI applications during design, build and deployment.

AI For Enterprises

The first session in our series will feature L Ravichandran, who has been donning his Indian Statistical Institute hat in his passion of AI

He will cover some basics and history.

  1. History of AI from 1940’s
  2. Why AI is different from other technology advancements such as Digital, Mobile, IOT
  3. What are the different type of technologies in the AI area?
  4. AI & Ethics. what are the potential issue.
  5. AI for Enterprise : AiThoughts.Org focus

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