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Thoughts on Language AGI Web Summit debate

2 mn read I came across this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBdZi_JtV4c&t=1008s. Excerpts from Web summit discussion titled “Debunking the great AI Lie” by Noam Chomsky, Gary Marcus, and Jeremy Khan. The topic itself is very catchy and as an evangelist for “AI for Enterprise”, I was intrigued and listened to the 32-minute clip. At the outset, the arguments about […]

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Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI) : Enterprises are OK with Narrow

3 mn read Many of you have seen a news item from MIT https://news.mit.edu/2022/machine-learning-university-math-0803. The headlines was “New Algorithm aces University level Maths questions”. Lots of talk on Algorithms passing the undergraduate course in Computer science but due to their non-person status degrees cannot be legally given by Universities etc. Technically, these Algorithms, even though look so intelligent […]

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About Digital Twins – partly created by a digital twin!

4 mn read One of the techniques popular among AI adoption and deployment initiatives is the use of Digital Twins. While in its simplest form, they may be equated to simulations, there could be different levels of sophistication and applications. In AI projects, particularly, Digital Twins can help accelerate the time to solution. For example, in the real […]

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Book Review: Radically Human

3 mn read I recently read this book – Radically Human, by Paul R Daugherty and H James Wilson. The authors are with Accenture and had written a book : Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the age of AI, where they had discussed various case studies of how many organizations have been using AI, in the area […]

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AI and AIOps – a perspective for IT Services Industry

4 mn read AI and AIOps – a perspective for IT Services Industry This write-up is to discuss about AIOps from the perspective of IT Services Industry and how possibly one need to shift towards bringing the benefits/efficiencies of AIOps at the Service Delivery / Service Consumption level. There are definitive steps taken currently in the AIOps community […]

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